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Reading Notes B: El Khudr the Evergreen

 El Khudr the Evergreen- this story is the origin story of a legendary figure named El Khudr- you could tell where it was because the dead fish they had brought with them to eat came back to life - others noticed this but didn't realize it was the fountain of youth- El Khudr drank the waters so he never dies, he reappears in different forms throughout history (Elijah, St. George, etc.)- he is recognized as a figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam- he worships Allah on Fridays in Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem (alternates) 
I thought this story was interesting. I'd never heard of El Khudr before, but I would like to read more legends about him and what his role is. Stories about the fountain of youth are always interesting to me as well. I'd like to read more legends about the fountain of youth and see how they compare!Bibliography:Folk-lore of the Holy Land: Moslem, Christian and Jewish by J. E. Hanauer (1907).

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