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Shinto Sun Goddess | Amaterasu ~ bright and beautiful. Japanese Shinto Sun  Goddess. | Japanese goddess, Amaterasu, Goddess art
Sun Goddess Amaterasu

Japanese Mythology - Legends of Amaterasu:


  1. Hi Rachel! I would like to start by saying the art you chose is absolutely beautiful, and the way your blog is set up so far is so aesthetically pleasing with the art and color schemes, all very consistent! I also thought the intro was really well written and directly too the point, aside from the descriptions of the 3 kami, there wasn't a lot of detail necessary which is really nice when people are just browsing through. I'll be honest I've heard of these 3 figures so much in references to current pop culture but I had no knowledge of their origins. Just from your short intros of the 3 things are starting to make sense! I love East Asian mythology, I'm actually also writing my storybook in various East Asian folklore. I think I'm already invested in your storybook, I can't wait to read some of your stories later on!

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Wonderful website layout that you have! From the beginning, it looks like as if a manuscript was transcribed into a modern website. As far as the theme of the story as provided in the introduction itself, I've always been fascinated by the content of Japanese mythology and folklore. In fact, for one of the projects of world religions in my World History class in high school, I actually chose Shintoism as the religion that I was going to focus on! I do wonder, however, what exactly will your storybook be about? From your introduction, I presume that it will involve the Kamis, but in what ways? Will you be giving biographies of each one of the Kamis you mentioned? Will the stories be interconnected? If so, how? I think answering some of these questions will provide a good preface for the stories that you will be providing later on this semester!

  3. Hello, I really enjoyed your introduction and thought that it was very helpful. I know nothing about Shinto myths or Shintoism so I really appreciated the background information. This will probably help me out tremendously when it comes to reading your stories and help me have a better understanding of them. I also though it was super cool and creative to add pictures of your main characters with the descriptions of who they are. This will help the readers really imagine these characters as they read the stories. I also like how you also kind of gave a first look into your stories and what to expect. Overall, I really enjoyed your introduction and I am really excited to read the rest of your stories!


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